Pulpit construction

Striemitzer GmbH has manufactured and installed several pulpits for a hunting ground in Uersfeld, Rhineland-Palatinate.

The trestle is manufactured as a plug-in system and is mounted in a grid pattern with M12 screws.

All windows are sealed and fitted with Makrolon panes, which can be opened using a cable pull. The bench can be moved and is fitted with plastic feet so that all windows are freely accessible and the seating position can be adjusted.

We are currently manufacturing further pulpits, which are constructed in lightweight construction and assembled on site due to the installation on a slope. The walls are made from 15 mm screen printing, the floor from 20 mm Canada board and the roof from 12 mm screen printing. In addition, the roof is provided with a zinc frame and welded from above with roofing felt. The four outer corners are also sealed with zinc brackets.



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